Ah, high-heeled shoes. Most likely, no other fashion product can bring that boost of self esteem and dose of vogue to a female much more than a wonderful set of high heel pumps. Wearing heels alters the manner in which you convey your self; step into a stiletto and you should see that there is now a bit of an extra sway in your walk. It enhances the ideal female shape: your back arches, your rear lifts up, and your chest pushes forward. It gives the ending shine you need to complete your attire. Slipping into high heels adds on the spot class and sophistication-that is, until you begin literally slipping on the slick floor. Every one of these polished marble and wood flooring are obviously engineered by men!

A lot of women know that there's a huge price to pay for putting on gorgeous stilettos, and no, it is not just the added hassle of fending off all those males asking you out for a date - unfortunately!