Your mother advised you to eat your carrots and leafy vegetables rich in beta carotene to ensure good eyesight but you never listened. So now, you have a bad case of a combination of myopia and astigmatism that stops you from clearly seeing the notes written by your instructor on the board. It’s getting classroom learning hard for you. A visit to the ophthalmologist reveals that you would have to wear corrective prescription eyeglasses and the first thing that gets to your mind is how wearing eyeglasses would conceal your eyes which you feel are your greatest assets. On top of that, there are mean people in your university who taunt eyeglass-wearing students with names such as “Four Eyes” and “nerd” and you worry that they would start picking on you. Your concerns about wearing eyeglasses may seem light for a number of people but if they consider heavily on you, it’s essential that you think of a good solution for them.

First things first, contact lenses require thorough cleaning because they come in direct touch with your eyes. If you know that you do not get the perseverance to consistently clean your contacts for daily use, buying them is a bad option; you may just end up with an eye infection that may compromise your vision more. In this instance, UK eye doctors would staunchly recommend just staying with eyeglasses because they’re lower maintenance.

Not every prescription eyeglasses give off a nerdy look. Nowadays, many optical shops in London carry all sorts of really flattering kinds of designer eyeglasses, like Chanel glasses. Designer glasses are status icons and no one would dare taunt you for wearing them. Aside from being status icons, the wide selection of styles assures you that you will be able to find something that will enhance your facial features. Also, wearing glasses with a really nice shape and attractive shade will impress upon people the look of a stylish scholar instead that of a socially strange nerd; hence, you should choose a colour that makes you feel confident and a frame shape that fully accentuates that form of your face. If you get the perfect eyewear for you, people will probably tell you that you look really good in them instead of focusing on the fact that you have defective eye-sight.

These days, even the elderly choose designer frames for their prescription lenses since they're assured of their quality. Designer frames are ideal for reading, multi-focal and progressive lenses (called varifocals); their materials are very strong and they are likely to really last for many years -- so even when lenses need to be changed every two years, which opticians recommend, there would be no need to get a new frames too.

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