A man, like a woman, needs a lot of stuff too. Just because they are men, that does not mean they can live comfortably with anything that they can easily reach out on. More than the handy tools they need to make an easy living at home plus the competent world they are in, they also need those things that make them fashionable once in a while to keep up with the world's trend. It is not only women's need but men too. Here are the top  things every man should have..

Duffel bag. Men who love to get his things within reach, especially when going out on a weekend should have a duffel bag. Here, they can have all their essentials in one compartment and with room enough for more. They can stuff their box of cigars, LED flashlight, pocket tools, and a lot more. Through this, they won't have the need to feel like going home whenever they encounter circumstances that will need their essentials. Just make sure when choosing the duffel to select a dark, rich color with strap options for convenience.

Leather jacket. This is another common must-have of men. Depending on the style of the jacket, any man could go from stylish to rugged with simply the jacket on.

Dress shirt. For working men who need to be more dressed up most of the time, a nice must-have would be a crisp dress shirt. At work or in restaurants, the dress will look good on any occasion. You can also accessorize it with a tie or with your jacket. Just choose bold colors or select the ones in solid colors.

Sleeve buttons. Another must-have for men these days are the sleeve buttons. They are also known to many today as cufflinks and is quite popular to complete any look for men. The nice thing about these sleeve buttons are they come in different designs, colors, and themes. So men with different preferences will surely find something he prefers.

Cool Wallet. Today's trendy wallets are the magic wallets. They are way cooler than the money clips. This is because it can keep all the cash minus the bulk any ordinary wallet would look. Through the wallet's straps, it can secure any bill in a single flipping motion. More than something you need to keep your cash with, it is also a nice tool to attract ladies especially when starting out a conversation.

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