In the 1920’s, France became a witness to the clever Garcons. More than their knack of everything about wines, cheese, gourmet dishes, and other details in fine dining, they also have the knowledge and technique on how to keep their francs and receipts secured. They did it through creating a simple yet very functional magic wallet.

With one flip of the super slim and compact wallet, you could secure your money, cards and other important notes that you love putting in your wallet. If you are curious on how it works and how your money “magically”disappears, all you have to do is place your money on the strap of the wallet, close, and flip it. Open it and you see your money securely tucked under two durable elastic straps. If you want to complete the effect in showing someone your magic wallet, add some ancient language while you magically secure your cash. It will be totally cool.

If you are interested in buying one for your special guy, perhaps for your father or your husband, here are some tips for choosing your magic flip wallet. Make sure to get a classic leather magic flip wallet. There will be a lot of colors to choose from. Be sure to choose the color that matches the personality of your personal someone. You can opt for black for no-nonsense chap or tan or deep browns for people who would like to sport style and trend.

Guys have different views on how they will use the wallet. For guys who would like their wallets to act as their mini organizer rather than a tool to impress the ladies, you can go for the magic wallet that also exterior slots for cards and IDs. 

For girls, it will be different. They would love colors and styles. If you are getting one for a girl, make sure you choose the color magic wallets. For a girl who loves to pair her wallet with her accessories, choose a bright red or blue wallet. Choose printed magic wallets if you are giving it to a girl who loves images and graphic details. Girls who love to have a wallet for their collection of credit cards and rewards cards, get them a magic card that offers eight slots for cards.

However “magical” the wallet may seem like, its durability would still depend much on the user. Careless owners will be more likely to get more than one wallet compared to the sensible owners. Just make sure you get the high-quality leather wallet to make your money worth it. 

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