High Heel Covers
High steppers spruce up your outfit, make your legs look lengthier, and lend you that positive stride. For most women, high-heeled footwear is not only chic footwear -they are an attitude, as famous rocker Lita Ford puts it. Initially made popular by 15th-century Venetian courtesans, high heels are nowadays a fashion preference for the contemporary woman.

Most ladies would probably feel underdressed if they appear to a swanky ball or a business picnic without having on the best pair of stilts to lift them up. That is, until their pointy heels begin to go under the grass, trip on the glistening dance floor, or just basically have them teetering (literally) on the brink of embarrassment. Any wonderfully footed lady knows that high heels may spruce up your clothing, yet they can likewise endanger your style if you cannot manoeuvre them adeptly.  

Stepping on wet or soft surfaces while wearing heels is every fashion-loving girl’s torment. Imagine the embarrassment of sinking in the grass amongst the well-dressed spectators during Polo day, pumping the pavement in your power suit just to have your heel hooked in a crack, or worse - trying to pull your feet off the grass just to be able to complete your walk down the aisle during your very own garden wedding. However, plunging flat on your face, tracking soil and grass and other unfortunate possibilities will still not deter a self-respecting shoe diva such like yourself to abandon your love affair with high heels. There are heel protectors, for example, that you place as a cap to your heels, avoiding shoe-related mishaps and, likewise, protecting the shoe itself. 

There were a few successful efforts at solving the issue of heels sinking and slipping but a single company has treated the predicament with an emphasis on design and fashion look. This fashion-savvy seller revealed high heel covers that are almost similar to fashion pieces themselves. Classy and smartly designed as tiny flowers or stars, heel savers can correspond to the allure and theme of your shoes, and your getup too. This brand new line of heel protectors mixes form and functionality - just like what good design must offer.

Whether you are going to a summer lawn party, having pleasure on race day, or dancing on shiny wooden floors, all you have to do is press the high heel covers on the base of your heels, indulge your occasion, and gently slip them off soon after; they even have their own satin pouch that you could inconspicuously put inside your tote bag. 

Now that you have found a way to make your stilettos non-slip and still be stylish, you can declare that life’s certainly prettier when you are walking around in heels.   

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