Kerri Walsh, American beach volleyball player and two-time AVP Most Valuable Player. Bob Burnquist, Brazilian master skateboarder ever since age fifteen. Thor Hushovd, Norwegian cyclist and seven-time Tour de France stage champion. Amber Wing, Australian dubbed as “the best female wakeboarder the industry has seen to date”. Eero Ettala, Finnish snowboarder and first-placer in a number of competitions.

What do these all 5 people have in common?

In addition to being professional athletes with spectacular careers in their respected fields, each one of these remarkable folks has been showing off Oakley sunglasses during all-important tournaments. And it’s hardly surprising, given how Oakley’s sturdy frames and high-tech lens technologies ensures the clearest vision however harsh the surroundings you’re in; whether it’s sand, pavement, snow, sweat, sea, or ice, you can be certain that a pair of Oakley sunglasses with prescription can stand up to the troubles that both successful athletes and regular people confront every single day.

Oakley frames are produced using only the most sturdy resources, such as the C5™ alloy, a trademarked blend of five metal compounds that are superheated to produce a material that makes for a sturdy, lightweight, and comfy set of sunglasses. Oakley sunglasses also make use of O MATTER®, a light synthetic material that proficiently soaks in shock; titanium, a nearly unbreakable metal employed in the production of fighter jets; and the X METAL®, a combination of titanium alloys and flex couplers utilised for 3-D sculptured all-metal frames that only Oakley offers. 

In addition to the lightweight and extremely strong composition of Oakley sunglasses, the frames are also suitable for a comfortable fit. MONO SHOCK™, the brand’s patented hinge system, improves the frame’s flexibility, permitting the stems to be opened up far beyond their normal positions and snap back following that. Users of Oakley sunglasses with prescription are also guaranteed a great match with the brand’s Three-Point Fit construction, while UNOBTAINIUM® ear socks and nose bombs hold the sunglasses from falling as the distinctive material holds the skin more tightly in the presence of perspiration.

People that need only the best protection for their eyes can rely on the brand’s commitment to developing Oakley sunglasses with prescription lenses that should give its wearer really clear vision while effectively combating the elements concurrently. Oakley’s lenses offer outstanding impact security, while hydrophobic coatings stops sweat, water, and oil from adhering to the lens surface. Oakley also employs a sophisticated liquid infusion process to produce a polarised filter that reduces both haze and distortion for optimum visual clarity. The brand’s Plutonite® lenses also guarantees 100% UV protection, barring all kinds of UV rays such as, UVA, UVB and UVC.

With its a number of trademarked technologies and commitment to outstanding craftsmanship, Oakley turns out to be the most effective provider for protective optical gear. Champion sports athletes and people in London, UK and the world over can simply buy the brand’s outstanding sunglasses by visiting reputable retailers on the Internet. 

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