Putting on shades can promptly up one’s cool factor as proved by the large number of prominent celebrities all over the world along with sports professionals who have been wearing these stylish preventive accessories for such a long time. There are a selection of designer brands that could suggest such an image of coolness, but they are none at par with Oakley eyewear when it comes to exuding cool posh while hinting at hazard at the same time. Remember LL Cool J and Samuel Jackson in the movie “S.W.A.T.”? These two prominent bad boys put on Oakleys in that movie. Think about Matt Damon in the war movie “The Green Zone”? This A-list Hollywood main actor wore Oakley sunglasses, too.

If you are still not sure of the elite reputation of Oakley sunglasses, then think of the famous sportsmen who choose to guard their eyes throughout sporting events using Oakley sunglasses with prescription lenses. These include world-renowned cyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong and also Danny Kass, American snowboarding extraordinaire. If you want to witness a mix of both stars and professional athletes putting on Oakleys, then check out Utah during the Sundance Film Festival, where annually Oakley hosts a “Learn to Ride” event during the festival's first week. You’ll notice prominent athletes coaching the celebrities the way to snowboard and ski, all while putting on fashionable Oakley outerwear - and yes, sunglasses are featured. How’s that for cool?

However, a pair of Oakleys imparts not only a fashionable air on its wearer; the brand’s eyewear can properly take care of the eyes as well. For this reason athletes trust their vision necessities during extreme sporting conditions to the brand. Oakley sunglasses with prescription lenses are made using branded High Definition Optics®, a variety of lens technologies that could allow crystal clear eyesight while guarding the eyes from tough elements. Oakley’s lenses are really suited to the extreme situations that athletes go through, mainly since the lenses are provided a hydrophobic coating that prevents water, sweat, and even skin oils from building up on the lens. Therefore, eyesight stays unblocked even when drops of sweat fall on Lance Armstrong’s Oakleys while he’s cycling in the Tour de France or even if snow splashes onto Danny Kass’s face when he’s navigating a treacherous snow-lined slope.

In addition to shielding from moisture, Oakley sunglasses with prescription lenses also come with a patented polarized filter that's created using a liquid infusion process, resulting in the bonding of lens material and polarizing filter at a molecular level. This method makes sure that Oakley lenses are spare from errors and distortion. Finally, Oakley sunglass frames have earsocks and nosepieces made with Unobtainium, a special kind of frame material that holds the skin a lot better when it’s moist.

With all the new developments that Oakley has incorporated into its collection of protective eyewear, it’s not surprising that the brand’s sunglasses are linked to extreme sports activities. So when you wish to appear cool and carry a hint of danger as well Oakley sunglasses with prescription lenses are ideal for you.

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