Who does not look good in Ray Ban Wayfarer glasses? No one! Even the world’s favorite alien E.T. seemed good in them, which only shows that the actual style’s appeal is completely out of this world! The design has been cited numerous times as the best-selling sunglass design and style of all time, which essentially implies that its unique look works on anyone, whatever his or her facial shape may be as well as their age.

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson (MJ), really endorsed Ray Ban Wayfarer within the ‘80s. For most of his promotional photos for his top-selling music, “Bad,” he sported the original Wayfarer design of the brand. In the ‘80s, the particular spectacles didn't have the familiar logo that’s right now stamped on all the glasses of Ray Ban, either on the lens or the hands of the eyeglass frames. The ones MJ donned had the “chrome” diamond on the front top corners along with the sides in the frames. The lenses for the original Wayfarer RB 2140 had 100 percent UV rays defense and they were scratch- and impact-resistant - totally ideal for a popular individual who had to deal with press photographers getting up in their face and fans wanting to touch his face. (Probably they did so to see if that face had not been a cover up because it sort of looked like one.)

The latest Ray Ban Wayfarer design is not that different from the original that first arrived in 1958. However, the positioning in the brand’s symbol certainly gives the spectacles a new appeal. The shape continues to be to be flattering on anyone, which is one of the reasons why a lot of people choose the Wayfarer for prescribed eyeglasses also - the style can be versatile. People who wish to cover their true age and also vision issues find the Wayfarer fashionably appropriate along with corrective lenses like varifocals; there’s no need for them to change the position of these spectacles for much better visual acuity, for driving, watching the TV, or even reading.

The majority of today’s teens are also particularly attached to Wayfarers because they’re beautiful and casual, and the actually nicer point is it is available in an array of colors and designs for a truly trendy charm. There are Wayfarers with black lenses and neon support frames or black front frames and plaid hands - picking varieties can be immensely fascinating.

Ray Ban Wayfarers are not just relatively fashionable they’re universally elegant as well. Anywhere you may be coming from, Tokyo, Japan or London, U.K. or… Mars, you will always look cool and chic if you use them.

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