No one desires to be lugging around a big suitcase stuffed with tech goods that perform a variety of tasks. For high calibre people who jet set from one place to another, whose days are filled with appointments, conference calls, and a smattering of other important ‘”to do” stuff, using a singular piece of device that does excessively numerous features at one time is as significant as oxygen. Therefore the popularity of smartphones and tablets and remarkably efficient operating systems that quite literally drive actual workplaces into extinction. Needless to say, individuals will still require a workplace to go to, well, receive paychecks and such. However, by making use of just one small device that can perform an insane quantity of operations every workplace, every high calibre individual in the globe can do any job at any time, from anywhere.

Plantronics headsets-all hail-offer those very opportunities. Revered by technology experts and progressively trusted by a large number of clients, consequently, Plantronics has developed and made some of this era’s finest and impressive communications headsets. (In fact, Neil Armstrong utilized a Plantronics headset as he spoke those now famous words - credentials do not get any better than that.) Every model under the Plantronics’ seal of quality has drastically changed the manner people today connect, and consequently, perform their tasks.

If in the earlier times a receptionist would have to juggle placing signature to for a packaged received, accommodating a senior executive’s 3 p.m., and making a call about an workplace maintenance situation to the concerned department, at present, that same front desk staff would only need to click one button on her wireless headset to convey an issue with maintenance, have her hands totally free to sign for a package, and-thanks to Bluetooth technology-comfortably walk the senior executive’s 3 p.m. instantly to the meeting room. By using the Voyager Pro Plus Wireless Headset, every worker in any office setting do not need to be tied to the table to complete a task.

The Voyager Pro Plus might appear small and insignificant but this unique small headset does heavyweight functions. It includes as much as six hours of talk-time; has (soothing) whispered voice warnings for when battery’s just about to run out; totally tested for long life - a notable need for those who make use of headsets for long period of time; provide 3 layers of wind noise protection with dual mic noise termination for the constantly mobile experts who do not have time to stop for anything - maybe limited to cocktails, and arguably the most spectacular function of all, the Plantronics Vocalyst™, which provides an computerized service for tuning in on weather and sports news, newsfeeds, and more. For an additional fee, end users of the Vocalyst™ can move up to the Pro service, which-all hail-transcribes voice into text. From blogs to email, from expense reports to work schedule appointments, the Plantronics Vocalyst™ can make doing the job virtually stress- and hands-free.

Other Plantronics headsets to review include the Savor M1100, the CS510 (for call centres particularly), the CS540 Wireless, or the Savi 710 Wireless. Whatever Plantronics headset an office or an individual decides on, each of them allows a more manageable time with work.

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