Heel Savers Grass
Women all over the world love the gorgeous boost which a pair of high heels can provide to its wearer. Think of your influential supervisor and her pointed heels clicking throughout the distance of your office lobby every single morning, or the gorgeous Hollywood movie stars strutting on the red carpet with their to-die-for stilettos from Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik. What about fashionable models sashaying on the platform with high heel sandals so tall they reach up to heaven? Or how about you, on your garden-themed wedding, marching down in your custom-made wedding heels, grass strewn with rose petals beneath you and wide-smiling groom waiting on the end of the isle?

Yes, you read that right. Grass and high heels can now blend together, this is due to durable and fashionable heel protectors from Starlettos. With these specialised heel accessories, there may be nowhere in this world where you cannot put on your high heels: Grass?  No sweat. Sandy surfaces? Absolutely. Polished hardwood floorings? No problem! Outstanding quality heel protectors like Starlettos will help you take pleasure in any occasion in your much-loved spiky pair whether it’s indoors or out.

How precisely can heel savers help you move on grass or soft surfaces? A pair of high heels in many cases sinks on softer surfaces exactly for the reason that the tiny tip of stilettos can quickly penetrate into the surface. And since that tiny tip is bearing all your weight, the pressure will just drive it further down. Heel protectors can hold your heels from sinking on grass by elevating the surface area of your heels, giving them added area to distribute your weight. With Starlettos heel savers, grass or soft areas are easy to walk on because they raise this surface area by around sixfold. With this support, you can sway your stuff anyplace and prevent walking like a giraffe.

Besides preventing your heels from sinking, Starlettos heel protectors also do precisely what their brand shows: protect your heels. With adequate coverage, you no longer need to be concerned about the factors breaking your precious footwear. Besides providing heel protection, you can likewise be confident that your Starlettos heel savers will stay on for as long as you wish it to. This is because these attachments are made with a rubbery plastic component that tightly holds your heels, no matter if they’re layered with satin or adorned with tiny gems. This tight grip also assures that gluey or rough surfaces won’t pull off your heel savers. Grass with soft mud under and rough gravel ways will be just as simple to walk on as smooth marble tiles and wooden floors.

So the very next time you have to head to an outdoor affair, use Starlettos heel savers on your high heels. With the protection and support these heel accessories give you, you enjoy any gathering on any area, whether it’s soft surface, rocks, sand, or a gravelly pathes. No dirt, no scratches, no stains -only enjoyment. 

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