Years ago, wearing glasses was regarded as a fashion faux pas, with the well known image of someone wearing glasses being the socially strange bookworm who stood out in a group, albeit not in a good way. These days, however, that misconception is quickly being disregarded with celebrities and fashion symbols using eyeglasses even going to the most classy social occasions. Brad Pitt went to a press interview in Los Angeles for his newest movie “Moneyball” and exhibit hipster chic with his black Wayfarer-style glasses. Justin Bieber was noticed at a New York after-party clad head-to-toe in designer garb - spectacles included. Even guests to singing sensation Bruno Mars’s 26th birthday all sported 70’s style eyeglasses. Because of so many celebrities donning a pair of specs, who’s to say it’s not a fashionable option?

As a result of the rising popularity of eyeglasses among personalities, more and more designer brands are developing their own line of stylish eyewear. Even prescription glasses at present are available in fashionable styles, taking care of the wearer’s eyesight requirements while showing an air of elegance and style as well. An excellent brand that provides usable yet trendy optical frames is D&G. Remember the three celebrities already mentioned? The three famous personalities - Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber, and Bruno Mars - wore D&G glasses to their respective events. Now that’s what you call brand power!

If you need to use eyeglasses for eyesight correction, you don’t need to agonise at the way it will go with your personal style - you are able to radiate excellent taste and class if you choose to wear a pair of D&G prescription glasses. Online stores and brick-and-mortar shops alike can provide you with a variety of styles to choose from. Do you want to show the same hipster aura as Brad Pitt did during his “Moneyball” press interview, or emanate the same retro class as Bruno Mars did on his birthday? How about Justin Bieber daring style? Should you responded yes, then log on to your computer and you'll certainly discover a pair of D&G prescription glasses online that gives you a similar star style.

D&G, however, is not just all about presenting stylish spectacles. The brand’s stunning plastic and metal frames can hold a number of prescription lenses to meet your requirements, even if you just need very clear lenses for single vision use or varifocals (also referred to as progressive lenses) with increased enhanced eyesight correction options. Varifocals have three lens sections, each one designed to give distance, intermediate, and near vision correction. What’s more, your prescription lenses’ usefulness is refined by coatings that may extend the life of your lenses by making it scratch-resistant, safeguard the eyes from glare and the sun using anti-glare and anti-UV coatings, and maybe even hide your eyes from view with application of a mirror coat.

So do you want to look at the earth in style? Open your favourite browser and start your search for the best pair of D&G prescription glasses online!

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