Any person who delights in the outdoors recognises that Oakley glasses are the authority on corrective and protective spectacles. The high-quality elements and manufacturing process that the brand employs have placed Oakley at the leading edge of sports eyewear. Athletes who need vision correction to keep up their skill go with Oakley prescription glasses as they are not only becoming style-wise, but are also very durable.

The incorporation of a special substance called “unobtainium” in all the glasses of the brand made Oakley an excellent brand of eyewear for use outdoors. The patented substance is recognized to enhance the hold of the eyewear’s stems around the face upon touching sweat as well as other fluids. This is a great advantage for people that are competing and don't wish to be repeatedly adjusting their prescription glasses to the proper position. All Oakley frames have this “unobtainium,” so, even if the lenses are heavy (much like the thick ones for people with myopia, or varifocals or even the trivial reading lenses), wearers can count on their Oakley glasses to remain in place in spite of the weight.

Titanium and C5 alloy are typical materials used in the frames for prescription eyeglasses. Titanium is especially recognized for being light and really strong. It’s the material used for skyscrapers and plenty of athletic gear like golf clubs, lacrosse sticks, etc. The C5 alloy, on the other hand, is a combination of different metals that copy the quality of titanium. However, this alloy may be moulded more easily to fit the wearer’s facial form.

To ensure the durability of the glasses, an impact test is conducted. An average Oakley eyewear can withstand the impact from different kinds of elements along with certain physical abuses like being dropped from a high point or being hit by a ball. Wearers can expect their Oakley glasses to last them a really long time as shielding and corrective eyewear. In spite of this, though, you must not substitute these eyeglasses for protective goggles. These prescription eyeglasses are sufficiently strong to protect, but that’s really not their main objective; they are for visual correction.

So in case you like out-of-door activities and you don't want your poor eyesight to hinder your fun, choose Oakley for your prescription glasses. They usually are not difficult to find. All optical stores in London carry this American brand, and they also have Internet services (free shipping, even) for those that are in other parts of Great Britain.

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